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trans girl suicide museum

in development — Mercury Store  — November 2022

Direction, Choreography
Sam Max

Text by / Based on
trans girl suicide museum by hannah baer

Set Design
Sam Max

Workshop Cast (Mercury Store, Fall 2022)
Josie Bettman
Mariyea L Jackson
Moses Leonardo
Bobbi Menuez
Austin Purnell
Evie Schuckman
Isa Spector

Kayhl Cooper
[in development] @ Mercury Store Residency, Fall 2022

trans girl suicide museum is a performance that, at the start, appears to be a house party moving backward in slow motion. Choreographically warping time both reverse and forward over the evening, the piece employs a language of video (rewind, fast forward, pause, play) in performance. Using a vocabulary of video-inspired time manipulation, the performance looks at the notion of a ‘memoir,’ cultivating a feeling that life falls through one’s hands chaotically, impossible to robustly record. Featuring an entirely trans-identifying cast, the work also abstractly depicts the fragility of trans life, as individual performers  hover between life and death. Physically challenging sequences of partygoers falling, and subsequently resurrecting themselves and each other in slow motion, ritualizes this idea. 

Recently Sam used their residency at the Mercury Store -- an incubator for Director-driven performance work -- to focus on movement research. They began to develop a choreographic method and establish a directorial strategy to stage intricate ensemble sequences in reverse.

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