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02. BIO

Twin Size Beds

Under the Radar Festival, The Museum of Sex, and Joe’s Pub —01.2019 - 11.2019

Text, Creation, Music, Staging
Sam Max

Caitlin O’Connell

Avery Leigh Draut

Light Design
Krista Smith

Greer X

Sound Design
Michael Costagliola

Costume Design
Ivy Karlsgodt

Cast and Band
Sam Max
Avery Leigh Draut (Music Director) 
Zack Milster
Mikiya Ito
Bernardo Ochoa
Brie Archer (Movement Captain) 
Sophie Sagan-Gutherz
Braden Wilkerson

Maria Baranova

Spare and raw, Twin Size Beds is a deeply personal account of sexual assault disguised as a concert. Composed and written over the course of three years via voice memos, Sam’s confessional utilizes original music, vocal looping technology, deadpan standup, scripted text, and a deceptively simple stage design to reflect the complex emotional states that encompass the moment of assault and the reverberations thereafter. The result is a meditation on abuse, masculinity, and the performance of trauma. 

This performance has been presented at The Public’s Under the Radar Festival, The Museum of Sex (excerpt), Joe’s Pub, and Loading Dock Theater, among others. Sam no longer performs this work, but some of the music is available online.