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02. BIO

This Is My Favorite Song

Abrons Arts Center —11.3.22-11.5.22  (Premiere)

Writer and Performer
Francesca D’Uva

Director / Developed with
Sam Max

Dramaturgy / Developed with
Celeste Yim 

Production Design
June Buck

Light Design
Zack Lobel

Audio Engineer / Sound Design
Cena Loffredo

Maria Baranova, Kayhl Cooper


Sam Max, Xiaoyue Zhang

Commissioned and Presented by
Abrons Arts Center

Experimental comedian Francesca D’Uva’s This Is My Favorite Song is an autobiographical self-concert that retreads the performer’s emotional terrain leading up to, and following, the death of her father at the hands of a fatal case of COVID-19. Employing irreverent stand-up comedy, hyperactive computer music comedy sketches, and sound composition using her father’s urn, Francesca covers life, sex, work, death, and the pursuit of happiness. Associatively tunneling between subjects like Elizabeth Gilbert, Disney’s Moana, Grand Theft Auto, Evanescence, Shakira, and of course her father Raymond P. D’Uva, This Is My Favorite Song is a stand-up show that’s also a concert, that’s also a wake, that’s also a ceremony of remembrance. 

Directed by and developed with Sam Max.