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FILMMAKER MAG: Sam is one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 2022 “25 New Faces of Independent Film” ︎︎︎

ROYAL COURT PLAYWRIGHT’S PODCAST: Sam Max talks to Simon Stephens ︎︎︎


INDIEWIRE: 10 Must-See Short Films at This Year’s Virtual Festival ︎︎︎

FILMMAKER MAG: Chaperone is a highlight of Sundance’s 2022 Shorts Programming: “formally assured and chillingly acted” ︎︎︎

SCREEN SLATE: Chaperone “bravely and succinctly examines the linkage between queerness and death” ︎︎︎

AWARDS DAILY: Chaperone is one of the Top 10 Shorts of Hollyshorts, “alluring and mysterious, [...] an intriguing blend of tension and mercy” ︎︎︎

MOVIEHOLE: one of the most visually and thematically striking shorts we caught at this year’s Festival” ︎︎︎

Q&A with Sam, Zachary Quinto, and Russell Kahn on Chaperone ︎︎︎

Four-Star Review of Chaperone ︎︎︎

CULTUREFIX UK: Chaperone  is“arresting,” “gripping,” “enthralling,” ... Sam Max named a rising talent ︎︎︎

HORRORBUZZ: Chaperone is “haunting in the best way,” “well done” (7/10) ︎︎︎

MOVEABLE FEST: “Sam Max on Driving Towards the Unknown in Chaperone” ︎︎︎


DIE DEUTSCHE BÜHNE: GUTS AND SNICKERS: “a remarkable debut piece, [...] captures the monstrosity of compulsively lived heteronormativity, as well as the vulnerability of the human psyche” [...] “the eruption of the terrible as salvation,” [...], “there are good reasons for any ensemble to re-enact this remarkable text, [...] the staging proves why we should see it today, here and now.” ︎︎︎

REZENSÖHNCHEN: THE LITTLE FAMILY ON THE EDGE OF ETERNITY: “Stirring” [...] “deals with the abysses of humanity”︎︎︎

FRÄNKISCHERTAG: CARNAGE IN THE DOLLHOUSE: “With Sam Max and Wilke Weermann, a new generation is moving into the limelight. Not everyone will be happy about this. Like all expressions from  representatives of a new generation, Max and Weermann bring their own language, their own concept of technology and their own cultural system of reference to the theater. They are about the desire of some to be free and about the others who prevent them from doing so.”︎︎︎


THE QUEER REVIEW: Four-Star Review of Coop ︎︎︎

“A Suggestion of Not-Quite-Right: In Response to Coop” by Savannah Birnbaum ︎︎︎

THE QUEER REVIEW: Exclusive interview with Sam Max ︎︎︎

CULTUREBOT: Agnes Borinsky talks to Sam Max about Coop ︎︎︎