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FILMMAKER MAG: Sam is one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 2022 “25 New Faces of Independent Film” ︎︎︎


INDIEWIRE: 10 Must-See Short Films at This Year’s Virtual Festival ︎︎︎

FILMMAKER MAG: Chaperone is a highlight of Sundance’s 2022 Shorts Programming: “formally assured and chillingly acted” ︎︎︎

SCREEN SLATE: Chaperone “bravely and succinctly examines the linkage between queerness and death” ︎︎︎

AWARDS DAILY: Chaperone is one of the Top 10 Shorts of Hollyshorts, “alluring and mysterious, [...] an intriguing blend of tension and mercy” ︎︎︎

MOVIEHOLE: one of the most visually and thematically striking shorts we caught at this year’s Festival” ︎︎︎

Q&A with Sam, Zachary Quinto, and Russell Kahn on Chaperone ︎︎︎

Four-Star Review of Chaperone ︎︎︎

CULTUREFIX UK: Chaperone  is“arresting,” “gripping,” “enthralling,” ... Sam Max named a rising talent ︎︎︎

HORRORBUZZ: Chaperone is “haunting in the best way,” “well done” (7/10) ︎︎︎

MOVEABLE FEST: “Sam Max on Driving Towards the Unknown in Chaperone” ︎︎︎


ROYAL COURT PLAYWRIGHT’S PODCAST: Sam Max talks to Simon Stephens ︎︎︎

THE QUEER REVIEW: Four-Star Review of Coop ︎︎︎

“A Suggestion of Not-Quite-Right: In Response to Coop” by Savannah Birnbaum ︎︎︎

THE QUEER REVIEW: Exclusive interview with Sam Max ︎︎︎

CULTUREBOT: Agnes Borinsky talks to Sam Max about Coop ︎︎︎