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02. BIO


Paradise Factory Theater—02.24.20-03.12.20

Text and Direction
Sam Max

Set Design
Emona Stoykova

Light Design
Krista Smith 

Sound Design
Michael Costagliola

Costume Design
Ivy Karlsgodt

Lio Mehiel
Don Meehan
Elizabeth Kenny
Sam Breslin Wright
Mateo Correa
Brie Archer

Maria Baranova

“In their extraordinary debut piece, Sam Max succeeds in telling an exciting, atmospherically gripping story in a nonlinear fashion by fluidly interlacing two levels of reality: the choreographed, self-contained rhythms of everyday life with a para-real world of the subconscious. Here, memory, death and dreams come together in a poetic space that makes otherworldly encounters possible. With a non-binary or transmasculine main character in the center, Coop provides an account of social isolation, and the consequences of a person's mental and sexual development being defined solely by others.”
— Suhrkamp Theater Verlag

“[Sam’s] focused, well choreographed direction with its repetition of movement adds to the sense of Avery, and us as audience members, being trapped in a recurring nightmare, [and their] confident commitment to experimentation with theatrical form make for an exciting evening. Sam Max and their collaborators have created a powerful piece of theatre that sears itself into the mind like a bloodstained fever dream.”
— James Kleinmann, The Queer Review

“[a] strange fever dream. […] What is particularly strong about this show is that it doesn’t ask you to like it. […] Coop is remarkable in that it feels as if it could exist without an audience, like it’s an animatronic tableau at a theme park that moves and sings whether it’s being watched or not.”
— Savannah Birnbaum, Culturebot

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