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02. BIO

Brief Chronicle Books 6-8

Access Theater — June 2019

Gus Heagerty


Agnes Borinsky

Set Design
Sam Max

Light Design
greer x

Sound Design
Peter Mills Weiss

Costume Design
Ivy Karlsgodt

Janice Amaya
LA Head
Jacob Perkins
Nicole Spiezio
Susanna Stahlmann

Maria Baranova

[Set Design and Dramaturgy by Sam Max]
Produced by i am a slow tide

“the production is simultaneously joyful and devastated.” “Chronicle creates an atmosphere of indeterminacy and sudden apparition where unmatched possibilities can and do fit.”
- Helen Shaw, a TimeOut New York Critic’s Pick

Sam Max, the set designer, surrounds the playing area on three sides with curtains made of transparent yellow plastic strips, which sometimes take on an iridescent quality thanks to greer x’s inventive lighting design. Overhead is a row of cut-out floral-patterned Mexican pennants. A cactus sits onstage, along with what appears to be a glittery piñata. Eventually, the dining table located upstage center will be replaced by a kiddie pool. None of this is arbitrary, because early on the characters will visit a Mexican restaurant, and, later on, a beach in Mexico. The real landscape of the play is largely psychological, however; whether it is that of Julian, the play's more-or-less protagonist, or Borinsky is a matter for further discussion. But Max, aided by Pitt, creates an environment that is both suitably abstract and evocative of Mexican culture, as repackaged for consumers and tourists. It lets us know what we're in for, stylistically, which is no small achievement.”
- David Barbour, Lighting & Sound America

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